Cultural ventures

Applications can be submitted for the creative phases of ideation as well as diffusion.

This financial support promotes the development of artistic ideas, and ensures that the artistic works find their way to the public. Migros Culture Percentage also promotes the creative arts with specific funding projects and thematic calls for tenders.

Funding visual Migros Culture Percentage

Receiving sponsorship

  • Dance
  • Theatre
  • Cabaret
  • Music
  • Film
  • Visual arts
  • Literature, comic
  • Digital culture
  • Interdisciplinary projects
For creative artists

First the idea, then the work

The theory behind ideation support: An idea needs to mature before it can become art.

For creative artists

Supporting diffusion

Financial support for the distribution of cultural works.

National funding projects

Four other projects support national creative arts with calls for tenders, networking events and other assistance options.

Promoting young talent

Migros Culture Percentage Sparx supports young creative artists between 18 and 25.

Funding for story development

The Migros Culture Percentage Story Lab is a laboratory for all audiovisual narrative formats: from films and series to virtual reality and gaming.

Structural change in the performing arts

m2act is the funding and networking project of Migros Culture Percentage for the performing arts.

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Double is the mentoring and coaching platform of Migros Culture Percentage for literature, dance, theatre, pop, cabaret, classical music, jazz, art and film.

Current calls for tenders


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The same funding criteria apply across all areas that qualify for funding. Specific funding is available for areas covered by our own projects (Double, Migros Culture Percentage Story Lab, m2act, m4music, Sparx).

The Federation of Migros Cooperatives Migros Culture Percentage focuses the provision of funding on the artistic creativity phase (ideation / diffusion) and no longer offers specific funding by area (except for our own projects). 
- Art spaces: Applications may be submitted for art spaces. Art spaces may submit applications for annual programmes in the diffusion phase if they are of nationwide interest.
- Publications: Publications are regarded as production and are not supported by the Federation of Migros Cooperatives Migros Culture Percentage. Publications are supported by some regional Migros cooperatives. 
- Video clips: Video clips are regarded as production and do not receive support from the Federation of Migros Cooperatives Migros Culture Percentage.
- Literary journals: Applications that involve running or production costs cannot be considered. Our funding focuses on meeting salary costs.