Migros Culture Percentage

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Ever since 1957 the Migros Culture Percentage has been supporting cultural and social initiatives, though which it unlocks a wide range of opportunities for the population at large. Alongside our traditional programmes, we specifically highlight visionary social ventures.

Migros Culture Percentage in figures

CHF 121 million

are annually invested in the arts, society, education, leisure and commerce.

CHF 5.0 billion

is the total amount the Migros Culture Percentage has injected back into society since 1957.


was the year in which Gottlieb Duttweiler launched this commitment that is unique worldwide.

Continuity in our unique commitment

The idea behind the Migros Culture Percentage goes back to Migros founder Gottlieb Duttweiler.
As part of his legacy, the Federation of Migros Coopératives and the individual Migros cooperatives commit to make an annual contribution to the Migros Culture Percentage. The amount is calculated based on revenue and still levied even in times of declining retail trade.

This possibly unique commitment guarantees the continuity of the Migros Culture Percentage and is enshrined in the Articles of Association. It enjoys equal status with commercial success as one of Migros’ corporate objective. 


Hedy Graber

Migros founder Gottlieb Duttweiler laid the foundations for Migros’ social commitment over 60 years ago. He firmly believed that economic success goes hand in hand with an obligation to keep giving back to society. We continue to put people at the heart of everything we do. By offering a large number of opportunities to a wide range of target groups, we are helping to build a diverse, open and sustainable society.

Hedy Graber, Head of Social Affairs and Culture Department, Federation of Migros Cooperatives

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The Migros Culture Percentage also provides funding for highly promising third-party projects. 

Access for all

The Migros Culture Percentage helps the population at large to access cultural and social offerings: Read the latest articles to find out about the sheer diversity of what is on offer.

Photo/stage: © Burton Nitta. Image: Algaculture.