Migros Aid Fund


The Migros Aid Fund supports projects that benefit humankind and nature. Every year, one million Swiss Francs are earmarked for projects in Switzerland and abroad. The Migros Aid Fund is now launching a seed funding scheme for small projects in economically underdeveloped areas of Switzerland.

Since it was established in 1979 the Migros Aid Fund has been fostering social and ecological development projects in Switzerland and abroad. Each year one million francs of grant funding is made available for these projects. So far we have invested over 42 million francs.

Help for self-help

The aim of the projects supported by the Migros Aid Fund is to support minorities and to promote inclusivity for rural populations. They are professionally structured, following the principle of help for self-help, and are distinctive for their social, economic and ecologically sustainable approach. As a rule, the projects receive grants of between 40,000 and 100,000 francs.

Following the principles of Gottlieb Duttweiler, Migros uses the fund to help disadvantaged people, including in particular children, young people, and women. A delegated working group from the Federation of Migros Cooperatives meets three or four times a year to decide on the applications to the fund.

New funding tool: seed funding

As of 2022, in addition to its present project support, the Migros Aid Fund is to grant seed funding for small projects aimed at promoting economically underdeveloped areas of Switzerland. Regional non-profit organisations (associations, foundations, etc.) based in Switzerland can apply for the funding.

A total of 100,000 Swiss Francs is earmarked for projects carried out on the basis of voluntary or semi-voluntary work, and a maximum of 20,000 Swiss Francs for seed funding per project. The projects must contribute to the agricultural, tourist, technical or economic development of the region. Creative and social projects are excluded.

Projects we have helped 

Each year, around 20 projects run by recognised non-profit organisations based in Switzerland receive financial assistance. Since 2021, these included:

  • Association Nai Qala A school building project in Afghanistan
  • Swissaid Fish farming in Tanzania. Securing food and work for small farmers and their families with sustainable fish farming in Tanzania
  • Velafrica Setting up a vocational training programme for bicycle mechanics in Burkina Faso
  • Women’s Hope Improving healthcare for mothers and children in Egypt by supporting citizens’ initiatives
  • Nouvelle planète Promoting sustainable market gardening in Ndiognick, Senegal
  • Eirene Suisse Ecological agricultural production and food security for farming families in central Haiti
  • EcoSolidar Food security in Malawi
  • Horyzon Paza la Paz: a step towards peace in Colombia
  • WATER FOR WATER Zambia’s future water professionals

In Switzerland the fund has helped projects including the St. Gingolph civil community (restoring a chestnut wood in the Valais region) and sponsorship for mountain communities (renovating the drinking system at Glarus).

Submitting an application 

Applications for the regular Migros Aid Fund support and the seed funding for small Swiss regional development projects can be submitted at any time.

Please note that for the time being we can only consider applications from the same organisation for regular Migros Aid Fund support every two years. This also applies to applications that unfortunately were not accepted for funding.

Submission is only possible via the application platform: