Paza la Paz: a step towards peace in Colombia


In Colombia, poor young people are easy prey for criminal organisations. The Horyzon Foundation is working against this.

The Colombian people are still suffering from the more than 50-year conflict between the government, paramilitary forces and criminal organisations. Various armed groups have been fighting for territory in Colombia’s poor districts and aggressively recruit new members. In the light of this, young people from difficult socio-economic backgrounds in particular are suffering from this trend, and they have no opportunities whatsoever.


Project goal

The Paza la Paz project aims to give primarily vulnerable young people in Colombia new perspectives. To this end, young people from marginalised ethnic groups are supported in becoming independent adults so that they can be actively involved in ensuring peaceful coexistence in their society, while at the same time building up their developmental perspectives. Depending on their personal interests and skills, they are trained as peace promoters, entrepreneurs or youth activists to work for a more peaceful, just and inclusive Colombian society.


Project beneficiaries

The direct beneficiaries are adolescents and young adults aged 14 to 28 from poor neighbourhoods, living in precarious social circumstances. «Paza la Paz» is run in 60 districts in seven regions of Colombia: Armenia, Armero-Guayabal, Bogotá, Bucaramanga, Cali, Medellín and Pereira.


About Horyzon

Horyzon has been operating as the Swiss development organisation for young people for more than 50 years. It works to help young people who are impacted particularly strongly by poverty, violence and marginalisation.


Photos: Horyzon Foundation

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