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Promoting sustainable market gardening in Ndiognick, Senegal.

In this region, the population lives off the land but struggles to make a living from it. In order to improve their situation, the inhabitants of Ndiognick – and in particular the women – have come together to form associations to work during the dry season. Their focus is on developing market gardening; however, there are many barriers to water access and protection.

The project aims to support the activities of these women’s associations in six villages, establishing vegetable gardens with irrigation and protection as well as storage and processing areas. It will also focus on providing training to the associations in sustainable farming, management and sales. 

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Project goals

To increase incomes and food security for around 500 families through market gardening, with the introduction of sustainable practices and income-generating activities. 

Project beneficiaries

The six associations will be the primary beneficiaries of the project, covering 495 members (women only). The families of these members (more than 2500 people) will also benefit from the impact of the project. 


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About Nouvelle Planète

Founded in 1986, Nouvelle Planète is a Swiss non-profit organisation without political or religious affiliation.

Nouvelle Planète supports rural communities in Africa, Asia and Latin America to build better lives and improve their self-sufficiency, while protecting their environment.

Nouvelle planète

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