Apply for funding

Migros Commitment funds projects at regional, national and international level.

Which funding is right for your project?

Would you like to apply for funding? There are three options for funding. To get started, pick the most suitable option for your project.

1. My project is of a national nature

The Federation of Migros Cooperatives supports projects that have a national or interregional impact.

2. My project is of a regional nature

Is your project of a regional or local nature? Find out if and how your project can be funded in your region. 

Please state the postcode of where most of your project will take place (exception for warehouse: please give the postcode of the company headquarters).

3. Funding for NGOs

Are you, according to your Articles of Association, a non-profit organisation for international development, based in Switzerland, with several years of experience and a minimum annual turnover of CHF 300,000? The Migros Aid Fund supports development projects with a professional and sustainable approach. Your budget is at least CHF 180,000 to CHF 200,000.