Velafrica: vocational training in Burkina Faso


Setting up a vocational training programme for bicycle mechanics in Burkina Faso.

According to the UN, Burkina Faso is one of the world’s poorest countries. Over 40% of the population live under the poverty limit of USD 1.25 per day. Poor education and a relatively fast-growing population are forcing the country to face some big challenges. 

Velafrica has been active in Burkina Faso since 1999, and established a bicycle centre in 2018. The centre provides jobs and opportunities to earn a living for the local population and trains young people to become bicycle mechanics. Although lots of people in Burkina Faso ride a bicycle, training and professional structures are still lacking.

This is why Velafrica’s goal is to help establish a training programme based on Swiss standards and offer young people a great opportunity to learn a trade so that they can earn a living. This type of vocational education represents the first step away from a life of poverty. 

Information on the organisation:

Velafrica combines integration work in Switzerland with aid work in Africa. Since 1993, the charity has been collecting old bicycles, having them repaired in social institutions and exporting them to partners in Africa. 
Link: www.velafrica.ch



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