Women’s Hope International in Ethiopia

Schulung der Kerngruppe zu Mutter-Kind-Gesundheit

Improving healthcare for mothers and children in Ethiopia supporting citizens’ initiatives.

Although fatality rates among mothers and infants have fallen in recent years in Ethiopia, the situation in the Somali region in the east of the country, where medical care is lacking, is critical. The fatality rates among mothers and children in this region are very high compared to other parts of the country. The project team works with local communities and supports them in the development of initiatives to help meet the needs of pregnant women and improve the quality of existing health services.

Project goals:

  • A significant improvement in the health of mothers and infants in the Dollo Zone in the Somali region of Egypt. 
  • Communities are mobilised, start their own projects to protect the health of mothers, and make government health services accountable. 
  • More women make use of the health services available to mothers and children. Access to the services is improved, and use of the services increases. 

About Women’s Hope International

Women’s Hope International is committed to helping women and girls worldwide exercise their right to lead a healthy and emancipated life. The NGO supports the establishment and expansion of basic medical services for pregnancy and childbirth in Africa and Asia. It empowers women to exercise their sexual and reproductive rights and defend themselves against gender-based violence.
Link to the organisation: www.womenshope.ch


Traditionelle Geburtshelferin in ihrer Hütte

Traditional midwife in her hut – Women’s Hope International

Junge Frau kommt zur Vorsorgeuntersuchung

A young woman comes for a check-up – Women’s Hope International

Gesundheitsposten im Aufbau

A health centre being set up – Women’s Hope International

Women's Hope International

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