Funding applications and contact details

Migros Eastern Switzerland’s activities via the Migros Culture Percentage aim to promote cultural diversity and broad-based social engagement across its market area.

What ventures are supported?

In principle it supports cultural and social institutions that are not self-sustaining, are non-profit-making or are not commercial ventures. Cultural events, social projects, leisure activities and mass sporting events are considered equally, with a presence in every region of Migros Eastern Switzerland’s market area.

Deadlines and requirements

Applications must be submitted at least six weeks before the event or project start, using the online form provided below. Applications for past events or submitted after the deadline cannot be considered. In addition, any one organisation cannot receive funding more than once a year.

Applications should be accompanied by a detailed budget, a description of the project, the venue and date of the event and a strong key message.

Supported projects

Children playing handball

Promoting sport

The Migros Culture Percentage supports mass sporting events and encourages children and young people in their sports and leisure activities. This is why, for example, Migros Culture Percentage supports the junior section of SV Fides St. Gallen.

Street cabaret in Chur

Promoting culture

With the aim of giving as many people as possible access to culture, the Migros Culture Percentage supports projects that take place in public spaces. This is why, for example, Migros Culture Percentage supports the Buskers cabaret festival in Chur.

People with instructor in Street Workout park

Healthy exercise for all

The Migros Culture Percentage aims to give people in Eastern Switzerland free access to healthy leisure activities and inspire an active lifestyle. That is why it supports the association street-workout.com.

We do not provide funding for

- Professional creative artists and organisations (except small theatrical productions and cabaret)

- Individual athletes

- Private individuals

- Cinemas

- Art galleries and museums

- Schools (except camps and public events)

- Public institutions

- Graduation and degree dissertations (e.g. diploma papers)

- General fundraising calls or calls for membership fees

- General operating costs (e.g. rental costs)

- Building and infrastructure projects

- Benefit events

- Book projects

- CD and film productions

- Commercial events / projects

- Trade shows

- New uniforms and instruments

- Projects / performances not taking place in the market area of Migros Eastern Switzerland

- Visual arts projects (e.g. exhibitions)

- Radio and TV productions

- Meetings, congresses and workshops

Further informations

Applications can be submitted in German.

* = mandatory field

Association / institution


Project / event

(maximum 10 MB, no budget is required for tombola donations, tournament prizes, small camps, etc.)
Please attach your budget document (income/expenditure, maximum 2 MB)
Any additional documents, e.g. brief concept (maximum 2 MB)