A meeting of generations

A woman and a girl playing Jass

Switzerland’s population is getting older – making togetherness across generations all the more important. The Migros Culture Percentage supports solidarity and reciprocal engagement.

Togetherness across generations

The life expectancy of Switzerland’s population has risen steadily in recent years, meaning older people make up a bigger proportion of society. This demographic change represents both a challenge and an opportunity. When different generations work together with respect and understanding, the results can be truly heart-warming. That is why the Migros Culture Percentage promotes dialogue and interaction between young and old.

Cross-generational projects

The Migros Culture Percentage encourages togetherness across generations through the following projects:

Jass for All Ages: The Migros Culture Percentage arranges for experienced Jass players to lead projects at schools. It also runs all-age Jass tournaments at various venues in eastern Switzerland. These involve pairs of players with an age gap of at least 15 years competing against each other by using team tactics.

Caring Communities network: The Swiss Caring Communities network is a future model for living in community. The aim of Caring Communities is encourage people to be good neighbours in their town, village or suburb. Anyone who starts up a Caring Community project can apply to the network for incentive funding.