Swiss Caring Communities network

Nicole Tschäppät at work in Gundeli, Basel

Helping out a neighbour, providing an advice point, or just having a meal together - Caring Communities come in all shapes and sizes. They are all united by one thing - people looking out for one another, caring for one another, and offering help.

Open to all

The Swiss Caring Communities network is open to anyone interested in «communities that care». It is shaped by its members. We are delighted when as many committed people as possible, along with clubs and organisations, join the network to exchange ideas and communicate.

Networking made easy

On this platform, anyone with an interest can access knowledge, experience, stories and events concerning Caring Communities. Are you involved in a Caring Community? Do you have some ideas, or a story to add? Then please get in touch with us.

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Swiss Caring Communities network

Find out more about this Migros community involvement initiative - perhaps it's just what you're looking for?

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