TaM: Together at the museum

2 Frauen machen ein Selfie vor einem Bild im Museum

Museum visits are best enjoyed when you can share the experience with someone else. That's the idea behind TaM - Tandem at the Museum. Together with a TaM guide, you can explore one of 70 partner museums. And the best bit: admission is free of charge for both of you! Let yourself be inspired, think of a story about your favourite artwork and share it on the Musée Imaginaire Suisse website, using a few pictures and a brief text. In this way, you'll encourage other people to visit the museum together with you!

Visiting the museum as a TaM guest

  • Select a TaM museum
  • Find a TaM guide.
  • Contact him/her by e-mail.
  • Plan your visit together.


Mädchen und Frau sitzen zusammen auf dem Boden an den Bieler Fototagen

Photo: Marianne Kesselring

Selfie mit ausgestopftem Fuchs im Naturmuseum Winterthur

Photo: Franziska Dusek

Zwei Frauen im Gespräch im Kunstmuseum Winterthur

Photo: Thomas Kern

Two women looking at masks in the Rietberg museum.

Photo: Kathrin Schulthess

Ältere Frau und Mädchen im Museo Val Verzasca

Photo: Veronica Carmine

«TaM - Tandem at the Museum» is a special kind of cultural promotion provided jointly by Kuverum Services, the Migros Culture Percentage and the Beisheim Foundation.

TaM logo - Tandem at the Museum

TaM Tandem at the Museum

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