Funding for youth organisations

Young people laughing towards the camera

Youth organisations such as the Scouts, Jungwacht, Blauring and the YWCA/YMCA can count on the Migros Culture Percentage for financial support.

Constructive leisure activities

Baking bread over a camp fire in the forest, sitting in a circle singing, letting off steam by playing games and sport, coming through thick and thin as a group – these are all among the essential ingredients of a youth organisation. Countless volunteer leaders across Switzerland ensure children are able to access these constructive leisure activities. The Migros Culture Percentage endorses their commitment and supports the following activities of youth organisations such as the Scouts, Jungwacht, Blauring and YWCA/YMCA:

  • Training and development courses: The Migros Culture Percentage supports training and development courses for (future) leaders of youth organisations as a sign that it recognises and appreciates their vital work as volunteers.
  • Pimp my Camp: This summer, the Migros Culture Percentage is organising two competitions in which youth groups can win great prizes.

Gift vouchers: The Migros Culture Percentage supports numerous camps run by youth organisations by providing discount vouchers valid in Migros Eastern Switzerland for their camp provisions.