Funding for volunteering

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Switzerland thrives on the efforts of volunteers. The Migros Culture Percentage wants to support and celebrate volunteers.

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In support of volunteering

About one-third of Switzerland’s adult population volunteers through a club, institution or organisation. Almost 40% volunteer on an informal basis outside any organised structure. Many ventures such as toy libraries, pre-school groups or sports camps could not function without people helping on a voluntary basis.

Many ways of acknowledging

The Migros Culture Percentage wants to help create the best possible environment for volunteering, above and beyond its priority areas. It also believes it is really important to acknowledge the role played by volunteers. It does so in a wide variety of ways:

  • Thank-you meals in Migros restaurants
  • Migros gift cards as tokens of thanks for volunteers
  • Special funding for events / projects involving volunteers
  • Highlighting the importance of volunteering, e.g. via bag motifs

The Migros Culture Percentage also champions volunteering through the following Switzerland-wide projects:

VitaminB: The Migros Culture Percentage’s Clubs Liaison Office provides information, advice and training for volunteers.
Tavolata: It’s more fun dining together than alone. That’s why the Migros Culture Percentage brings people together through Tavolata. Older people organise group meals independently. This enriches their everyday lives and widens their circle of acquaintances.