Match-Making Module: A marketplace for digital creatives

Zwei Menschen haben Virtual-Reality-Brillen aufgesetzt und bewegen sich durch einen Raum.

Project completed

Switzerland is seeing the emergence of a new generation of highly qualified creatives who are at home in the digital realm. Start-ups in virtual reality and game design create future-proof technologies. But the potential of Switzerland’s creative industry remains relatively untapped. Projects at the interfaces between culture, business and technology mostly go under the radar in this country, or lack the necessary financing to develop further.

Time to network

The Match-Making Module project, with the support of the Migros Pioneer Fund, offered Swiss creatives an opportunity to network with international investors and distributors over a three-year period. Specific contacts, coaching and the chance to exhibit at shows worldwide were all part of the plan to facilitate their international breakthrough. The Match-Making Module thus helped almost 100 creatives to make contact with over 300 investors.

A market for digital creatives

The project has performed pioneering work: Swiss digital creatives have now found a more direct route onto the international market and investors now have a better understanding of Switzerland’s potential. The project was brought to a close with a set of instructions on how to organise matchmaking and key points to note, then handed over to Pro Helvetia


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