Spielkultur: Bringing games into the museum

Man standing in museum wearing headphones

How do you turn a museum into a lively, interactive experiential space for young and old alike? It's child's play, according to the Spielkultur project.

Art and culture come alive through play

With support from the Migros Pioneer Fund and within the framework of the «games@museums» pilot project, Spielkultur has developed a variety of digital ideas for games that turn a museum visit into an experience and interest people in art and culture in a playful way. The games were developed by game design students in cooperation with museums and successfully tested over a two-year trial period.

Where the future of the museum lies

The three most successful game variants – an audio crime drama, a tablet-based scavenger hunt and a chat app – will now be pursued further. The games can be adapted easily, individually and cheaply by any museum and tailored to suit the relevant exhibitions and target groups. The outcome is a series of made-to-measure offers that convey information and expand a museum’s educational role. After all, the future of museum visits lies in combining digital formats with on-site experiences.  



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