filmo: The pearls of Swiss films

Colourful collage with four stock images from classic Swiss films

A large part of Switzerland’s film heritage is not permanently accessible to the public and is even in danger of disintegrating. The Solothurn Film Festival and the Migros Pioneer Fund have therefore taken the initiative of making the most important films available online. Key works of Switzerland’s film heritage will be accessible around the clock, thus becoming known to a broad spectrum of the public through the filmo streaming project.

Special films in close-up

Independent experts in Swiss film are selecting the focus of film history according to aesthetic, cultural and historical criteria. These films are being re-digitised, subtitled in the national languages and made available on established Swiss streaming platforms under the filmo label. Some of the films being restored by the Cinémathèque Suisse national film archive.

Rediscovering the history of Swiss film

The filmo platform also provides additional material and background information on the history, reception and restoration of the individual films, enabling film enthusiasts to rediscover the history of Swiss film.

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