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Project completed

Since its foundation in 2013, the Creative Hub has been committed to supporting the creative industries on a broad basis. Right from the start, the focus was on helping designers and creatives to develop their ideas and products into viable business models. Its workshops, business coaching sessions and mentoring programmes have steered over 300 individuals along the development pathway to becoming «creative entrepreneurs». The Creative Hub has taken on a pioneering role in that regard.

From creative idea to market-ready product

It is a long, often rocky road from idea to the launch of a product – especially so for creatives who have little entrepreneurial experience. This is where the Creative Hub comes in: its tailormade programme supports creatives with bringing their ideas to market and establishing them.

Coaching programme to run until end of 2021

While the pioneering project initially concentrated on providing broader support, in recent years it has focused its offering on business ideas that it deems especially promising. The coaching program will run until the end of 2021, after which the Creative Hub association will wind up its activities. For one very good reason: what started out as a new departure in 2013 has now – thanks in part to the Creative Hub’s involvement – become the norm in support for the creative industries.

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Creative Hub

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