amuze: New audiences for Swiss museums

A young female museum visitor admiring a work of art.

How can digital natives be inspired to visit museums? The younger generation is certainly interested in cultural and historical treasures, but often the right access is simply lacking – of this the founders of amuze are convinced. The pioneering project supported by the Migros Pioneer Fund is therefore searching for the best ways to reach a younger public.

Creative pathways to the museum

Together with selected museums and millennials, online and on-site experiences are tested so that a community of interest can take shape. amuze uses a step-by-step approach to get alongside digital natives: what works is elaborated; what doesn’t is rejected. In discussion with representatives from the exhibition and communication segment, the results are further developed and made freely accessible.

How amuze founded the Art Escape Room at the Löwenbräukunst site in Zurich. This offer uses storytelling and gamification to provide fun-packed access to art: a group of people is locked in a room and they have 60 minutes to free themselves. The aim is to explore the room as a team, discover hiding places and secret doors and solve puzzles associated with articles and objects of art. Clever deduction is the key to finding the way out. The Art Escape Room is now being operated by AdventureRooms Zurich and developed further with the same artistic focus.

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Photo/stage: Nadine Prigann