digitorials.ch: Making museums digital

Two female museum visitors standing in front of works of art shown on touchpads.

A museum should be where its visitors are. Nowadays, that includes in the digital space. There, too, their mission is to communicate, exchange ideas and be in dialogue. But the rules of the game on the internet are not the same as in the real world – and need to be learnt.

To help Swiss museums make the leap into the digital world successfully, the digitorials.ch project was launched on the initiative of the Migros Pioneer Fund. It drives the digital transformation not just in theory, but in everyday practice by embracing new communication formats such as podcasts and short videos.

Experimenting with new digital formats

In an initial phase, digitorials.ch supported eight museums with the development of a digital strategy and the restructuring of internal processes and organisational forms. Together, they also launched new digital formats and campaigns. In a second phase the aim is to tap into the insights and findings from this collaboration across the Swiss museums scene. This will be done by rolling out the initiative nationwide and actively involving funding bodies in addressing how support for museums and cultural institutions can be aligned even better with the challenges of the digital transformation. 

The project takes its name from the «digitorials» multimedia communication format that was developed in Germany by the Städel Museum, the Liebieghaus sculpture collection and the Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt. 


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