Rflect: For a Future-Fit Society


In 2015, 193 countries agreed to implement the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This includes the fight against hunger and poverty as well as the commitment to climate protection and fairer educational opportunities. However, the latest edition of the SDG Report shows that no country is on track to meet the goals by 2030. But we actually know what needs to change. So why aren’t we taking the “right” actions?

Self-mastery through reflection

Science indicates that we are overwhelmed by the complexity of today’s challenges and are afraid of change. However, research also shows that we can work on ourselves and our abilities. The Rflect team is also convinced of this. Based on the concept of the Inner Development Goals (IDG), which sees inner development as a prerequisite for social change, and with the support of the Migros Pioneer Fund, Rflect aims to help us cope with our increasingly complex world and learn to deal with new challenges.

To this end, the project has developed a web app that will initially be used at universities and other higher education institutions. Rflect guides students to reflect not only on what they have learned, but also how it relates to their lives, their goals and their environment. The aim is to strengthen students’ awareness of what needs to change, their self-competence as well as their transformation skills.

Strengthening personal development

The aim of Rflect is to enhance the personal development and reflective abilities of every individual, thereby expanding the future competence of society as a whole.

Following an approximately one-year pilot phase, an assessment of effectiveness will be conducted, and plans shall be made to scale up the project.



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