Circular Clothing: For recyclable fashion

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Fashion is constantly changing. This also increasingly applies to the issue of sustainability. Many companies in the textiles industry are deciding to use resources more responsibly. However, recycled materials constitute barely 1% of the fabrics used to make new clothes. We are still at the very beginning. A circular approach could accelerate this transformation. But it presents the industry with enormous challenges.

Introducing circularity at textile companies

To ensure that the products of today can become the raw materials of tomorrow, you need to consider the entire value-adding and supply chain. This is an almost impossible task for small fashion companies in particular. With the help of the Migros Pioneer Fund, the project Circular Clothing aims to provide a solution, paving the way for small Swiss textile labels to become circular.

Learning by example

The project uses a specific case study to show how a small label can employ circularity in line with the high standards set by the Cradle to Cradle® concept. The process is assisted transparently and insight and findings are made publicly available and refined as a toolbox. The aim is also to create the requisite infrastructure and network with other small fashion labels to ensure that synergies can be leveraged – e.g. when purchasing or negotiating with suppliers.

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Circular Clothing

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