MAKE FURNITURE CIRCULAR: Reusing, not discarding

An old green office chair in a newly furnished home setting.

Every year an estimated 500,000 tonnes of furniture and 1 million mattresses are thrown away in Switzerland. Avoidably so, because the circular economy offers ways of reducing this mountain of waste or maybe even preventing it from occurring in the first place: reusing, hiring out, repairing and recycling are just some of the many solutions.

Reusing instead of discarding

With the support of the Migros Pioneer Fund, the MAKE FURNITURE CIRCULAR initiative aims to introduce the circular economy into the furniture industry. By involving the design, production, sales and recycling aspects, the initiative is launching and helping pilot projects that explore the potential of the circular economy in the furniture sector.

Creative ideas, new business models

MAKE FURNITURE CIRCULAR is motivating the Swiss furniture market by unleashing the creativity of a wide range of players. With design thinking, innovative business models and through dialogue, new future-proof products are being created that strengthen sustainable «Made in Switzerland» quality.

MAKE FURNITURE CIRCULAR is a ground-breaking model for other sectors of the Swiss economy as it makes its way from a disposable society to a circular economy. 

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