Madame Frigo: A sustainable recipe for success

Grey refrigerator with the Madame Frigo logo, located in a public space. In the background is a street scene and a bicycle leaning on the fence.

One third of the food produced in Switzerland – about 2.8 million tonnes – ends up in the garbage bin every year. 28% of that in private households. This is the starting point for two young women and their pioneering project Madame Frigo: through communal refrigerators accessible to the public, residents can make any unused edible food available to others free of charge.

In June 2022, Madame Frigo opened its 100th location in Switzerland on Klybeckplatz in Basel. This means that it now has a presence in half of all Swiss cantons. Locations are always opened where a request is received from the general public. This is happening on an ongoing basis, which means that the network will continue to grow accordingly.

Open refrigerator, a woman’s hand takes an apple from the refrigerator.

Switzerland-wide eco-commitment

This offering, which can easily be integrated into daily life, gives private households the opportunity to make a positive contribution to reducing food waste. The project was started by two young women in Bern. With the support of the Migros Pioneer Fund, Madame Frigo is being expanded to locations across Switzerland. One particular aim is to promote an appreciation of food among the young population. That is why Madame Frigo offers educational opportunities such as learning modules and workshops.

Logo Madame Frigo

Madame Frigo

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