VegetableAcademy: Learning naturally

Two school girls sowing seeds in a vegetable patch

Humans are part of nature. The independent education initiative VegetableAcademy strengthens this awareness and is being supported by the Migros Pioneer Fund. Primary schools throughout the country are cultivating plots for vegetables. As part of their curriculum, children learn how to properly plant seedlings, as well as to weed and maintain a vegetable patch.

For a healthy lifestyle

Subsequent classes later offer more in-depth knowledge and skills. The non-profit association VegetableAcademy Switzerland provides a range of tools to assist.  These include a digital knowledge platform, motivation for lessons that are close to nature, teacher training and - very practical - seeds.  If children are familiar with the value chain of food, from seed to sale, they will gain a deeper understanding of daily food consumption. This promotes a healthy lifestyle – for a generation that knows what it is eating.

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