Swiss Climate Challenge: A fun way to help the climate

Illustration shows the earth in the centre with iconic images circling around it, representing sources of CO2 emissions.

Project completed

Mobility, including air travel, accounts for one-third of the CO2 emissions of Swiss residents, making it the main driver behind the accelerating pace of climate change. If we want leave an intact environment for future generations, we will have to do more for the environment; in specific that means help reduce emissions.

A challenge for everyone

But how can people living in Switzerland reduce their consumer footprint in a meaningful way? The Swiss Climate Challenge, supported by the Migros Pioneer Fund, is providing Swiss residents and businesses with a simple tool to answer this question. The Challenge takes a fun approach to helping participants understand their own mobility behaviour and improve their mobility habits based on these insights.

Simple app integration

To help spread the word quickly, the project will use a «piggyback app» that can be integrated into the existing apps of providers such as Blick or Bluewin. This groundbreaking approach will motivate people by offering them simple ways to reduce their ecological footprint and make a positive impact on climate change.

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Swiss Climate Challenge

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