SimpleTrain: The pleasures of rail travel

Five young people on a railway platform running past a stationary train.

From weekend getaways in the mountains to city excursions, we are the European champions of short-distance train travel. But what about international trips? Too expensive, too complicated, too uncomfortable – if the most common preconceptions are to be believed.

The SimpleTrain project proves otherwise: the young team shows how simple and pleasant sustainable railway travel can be – even for more far-flung destinations. And in doing so, it is driving forward the trend towards environmentally conscious mobility.

Train travel made easy

Supported by the Migros Pioneer Fund, SimpleTrain is creating a central platform providing train travel tips, as well as ideas and suggestions for destinations. The project's main feature, however, is its booking service, which provides travellers with a cheap and uncomplicated way of purchasing train tickets, including for all international connections. SimpleTrain makes switching to environmentally friendly travel easy.

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