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Climate treaties such as the Paris Agreement must not remain wishful thinking. If they are to have their full impact, major and minor players from business and society must all pull together and better coordinate their efforts.

This is where the Climate Policy Exchange (CPX) pioneering project comes into play. Enabled by the Migros Pioneer Fund, it bridges the gap between local players and international companies. If the world’s top 300 companies in the field of sustainability join forces with local associations and self-organised civil initiatives, they will have the necessary clout to ensure climate protection is taken seriously.

Building bridges – for more sustainability

International companies often lack the resources to get involved at the local level because they are organised in a top-down structure. CPX makes it possible to turn this mechanism around, with specially developed software that helps to bring together players who are pursuing the same sustainability goals.

National organisations and specialised project initiatives can register their interests free of charge on the project’s website. Climate Policy Exchange directly guides corporations through an onboarding process in which their internal sustainability goals, memberships in associations and existing support for global initiatives are recorded.

The project is made possible by the Migros Pioneer Fund in its pilot phase. During this period, CPX will visit the United Nations Climate Action Summit in Madrid as well as the World Economic Forum in Davos. The pilot phase will be extended if further partners are found.

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Climate Policy Exchange CPX

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