Move The Date: Save our resources


Overshoot Day marks the date by which we have used more natural resources than the planet can regenerate in the same year. In Switzerland this date, which is recalculated each year, falls in the first half of May. For the remainder of the year, our society is living on tick – and at the expense of future generations. But there’s some good news: everyone can play a part in gradually pushing back Switzerland’s Overshoot Day.

With one voice

The #MoveTheDate Switzerland initiative, enabled by the Migros Pioneer Fund, aims to lend extra momentum to this development. It increases awareness and shows specific things people can do. The pioneering project visualises future ideas, initiatives and sustainable businesses on a digital platform, helps them speak with one voice and provides users with effective suggestions and ideas that work in everyday life.

Getting involved in change

#MoveTheDate Switzerland sees itself as a movement for everyone who wants to help build a better future. Success stories of people who are already making change happen inspire the active community to get involved and come up with ideas of their own. Everyone is invited to become part of the movement. This pools the resources a sustainable lifestyle needs – so that one day, Overshoot Day won’t come until New Year’s Eve. 

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