cividi: Sustainable urban planning for all

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How can cities grow while still remaining worth living in? The cividi pioneering project seeks answers with the help of the Migros Pioneer Fund. Digital tools have the task of making urban planning smarter and involving the population in the process.

Participation in practice

The population is growing, traffic levels are on the rise and policymakers are calling for internal densification: these developments present urban development and planning with fresh challenges. The good news is that digitalisation offers new possibilities for managing this process intelligently and collaboratively.

cividi provides digital tools to tackle this challenge, with the support of the Migros Pioneer Fund. The pioneering project aims to make local concerns visible and to involve civil society in spatial planning of the analogue city. The central point of contact is a platform that enables data sharing and visualisation of information about how the urban space is used. The platform consolidates data from government agencies and businesses, as well as the findings of surveys conducted among inhabitants.

More intelligent and sustainable

Cividi brings together partners from a wide range of areas. The aim is to develop urban spaces and infrastructures in a way that accommodates as wide a range of interests as possible. This will make the city of the future not only more worth living in, but also more sustainable. Because using spaces and structures more intelligently reduces the need for new construction.

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