Centre of Excellence for Ecological Infrastructure (köi): a network for biodiversity


Biodiversity means the diversity of all animals and plants, habitats and ecosystems. Every single organism, every habitat, every ecosystem is part of a whole, because they are all interconnected. And if these interrelationships are disrupted or break down, the whole system begins to falter. In Switzerland, a third of all plant and animal species are considered endangered. And we are already feeling the effects: if the number of bees and other insects beneficial to agriculture keeps falling, if green spaces disappear in our settlements, it will have a direct impact on us and our lives. Politicians are familiar with the problem. The solution - a holistic approach - is also on the table, but has not yet been sufficiently implemented.

Coordinating nature conservation across cantons

And this is where the Centre of Excellence for Ecological Infrastructure (köi) comes in: with the support of the Migros Pioneer Fund, the project aims to support the development of an ecological infrastructure, i.e. a system that approaches nature conservation in a networked way and coordinates it across cantons. The köi sees itself as a point of contact and interface: it aims to provide practical assistance to stakeholders, i.e. authorities, agricultural and forestry businesses, planning and environmental offices, associations and politicians, to equip them with the necessary knowledge and bring them into contact with each other.

Advancing ecological infrastructure

The aim is to promote the development of Switzerland's ecological infrastructure efficiently, purposefully and by combining resources, while at the same time raising awareness of the added value in conserving and promoting biodiversity throughout Switzerland.


Centre of Excellence for Ecological Infrastructure (köi)

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