Brainforest: More forest for our climate

A drone flying through a forest.

If we want to achieve the objectives of the Paris Agreement on climate change, simply reducing CO2 emissions is not enough. We need to find additional ways to extract carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Forests play a key role here. To make the best use of their potential on a global scale, today's forest areas need to be drastically expanded. At present, however, there is no functioning, efficient market for this.

Promoting sustainable forestry products

The pioneering project Brainforest is a venture studio for forests. As such, it works closely with forest owners and organisations to develop sustainable forestry products. Enabled by the Migros Pioneer Fund, Brainforest analyses existing market barriers, identifies solutions and uses these to develop new business models. It then scales these business models in partnership with existing organisations with a view to achieving swift global market penetration. With this in mind, Brainforest is building a digital marketplace, starting with CO2 certificates, to facilitate trade in sustainable forestry products. The tools it uses include state-of-the-art technology such as machine learning. By making the value of forests tradable, this draws in additional capital, which, in turn, provides an incentive to convert forest ecosystems into efficient, biodiverse CO2 sinks.

Talents together helping the climate

By 2023, the project expects to have mobilised CHF 500 million in new capital. Afforestation and reforestation, including outside of Switzerland, should make a significant contribution to stabilising the climate. An interdisciplinary team bolsters the Brainforest venture. It draws together companies, forest economy specialists and researchers from ETH Zurich, as well as leading NGOs and experts on digital solutions.

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