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Whether it’s the climate emergency, the coronavirus pandemic or funding the pension system – Switzerland faces complex challenges for which efficient political measures are urgently needed. The existing political system is finding it increasingly difficult to devise quick, effective and majority-supported solutions due to growing polarisation. 

Arriving at solutions more quickly with ‘Policy Sprint’

The ‘Expedition Future’ project, made possible thanks to the Migros Pioneer Fund, seeks to give the Swiss political system a tool that will allow it to quickly design cross-party solutions. Using proven collaboration methods and moderated discussions, the project creates a workflow for federal parliamentarians from all parties to allow them to jointly develop effective solutions in just a few days, in close collaboration with science and civil society. At the start of the project, there will be a two-and-a-half day ‘Policy Sprint’ on a future topic. The aim: For representatives of all political fractions and relevant stakeholders to develop a rapid and majority-supported action plan.

Turbo for new, practicable solutions

The project thereby creates a cross-party dynamic and a practicable method for the rapid development of political solutions that can be introduced into the parliamentary process.

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Expedition Future

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