staatslabor: Modern innovation methods

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The association staatslabor aims to make available to public administrations modern innovation methods that are already being successfully applied in private business and NGOs. To that end, the project supported by the Migros Pioneer Fund has put together a programme made up of information packages and workshops. staatslabor teams up with interested players to build a viable community.

Knowledge for the public sector

Behind staatslabor is the conviction that today’s greatest challenges can only be faced through close collaboration and with a wide variety of different methods. The initiative processes existing knowledge into a form suitable for Swiss administrations on all levels (federal, cantonal, municipal).

In search of ideas and innovation

The competence platform staatslabor was launched in January 2017 by a network of innovation experts and practitioners. staatslabor was able to commence operations thanks to the support of the following four backers:

  • PoliLab
  • Impact Hub Bern
  • The Centre for Public Impact
  • The Migros Pioneer Fund

To find out which methods and technologies might be useful for public administration in Switzerland, staatslabor checks the effectiveness of the innovation methods against concrete case examples.

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