Policy Kitchen: Participation made easy

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Completed project 

Digitalisation enables new forms of collaboration and networking. The pioneering project Policy Kitchen from the think tank foraus – Swiss Forum on Foreign Policy picks up on this fact and, with the support of the Migros Pioneer Fund, has developed a politically independent innovation platform that is accessible to all. This creates a low-threshold, location-independent participatory process. The potential of collective intelligence is used to develop constructive solutions outside established political mechanisms.

Participation for all

Policy Kitchen wants to enable interested parties – from ordinary citizens to organisations and experts – to participate in the shaping of foreign policy issues and get involved in society. The resulting recommendations for action are then discussed with decision-makers from all areas of society in order to have a targeted impact with the ideas from the «crowd». foraus supervises the participatory process using the platform as a tool.

An open knowledge culture

Policy Kitchen also makes the open source software, the collected knowledge and the tested methods available to other organisations and offers them consulting on how to implement participatory processes.

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Policy Kitchen

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