mybuxi: On-demand fleet

A woman opening the door of a minibus from the inside. The mybuxi driver is looking through the window.

Project completed

Switzerland has an attractive public transport network. Residents and visitors to major cities and conurbations usually have a choice of several modes of transport. In more rural areas, however, there are gaps in the availability of public transport and getting around without access to a car can be difficult. The mybuxi mobility project, which is supported by the Migros Pioneer Fund, offers a solution.

Mobile on demand

The on-demand transport service from mybuxi seeks to improve connections to the public transport network and to ensure that railway stations, businesses, restaurants and public facilities are easily accessible to people living in rural areas. Users can book transport using an app. The mybuxi vehicles, most of which are electric, collect the user at the agreed time. Other passengers who have booked to travel in the same direction can join the service en route. This ensures optimal utilisation of the vehicle – a blend of bus and taxi. In addition, mybuxi operates a delivery service for customers of local business, thereby supporting local industry.

Independence for all

mybuxi already operates in a number of regions of Switzerland, from central areas to high mountain districts, and is under continuous development. The aim of the project is to ensure that everyone can move around Switzerland, from A to B, as independently and ecologically as possible.

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