Fake or real? Take the quiz!

Frau mit Kopfhöhrern vor iMac, darauf geöffnet ist ein Videobearbeitungsprogramm

There are countless images in circulation online. But by no means all of them show what we are led to believe. Take our quiz to find out how you can spot fakes more easily in the future.

Image manipulation is ubiquitous online – and by no means limited to humorous Instagram filters. In the case of fake images, we differentiate between cheap fakes and deepfakes. While sophisticated software is used for deepfakes, cheap fakes are less technologically elaborate. In the latter case, images are placed in a false context, for example, in order to spread misinformation. The From Print to Pixel project, which is supported by the Migros Pioneer Fund, promotes a more critical attitude towards media. Its activities include workshops that teach people how to recognise misleading images more easily.

Test yourself and click through the images below. Are they fake or real? Decide by casting your vote! The answers as well as tips on how to spot fakes more easily can be found at the very end.


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