Sparkable: a platform that gives us added value

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Never has information been more abundant than today: news, images, opinions - we are bombarded 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, what is intended to expand our knowledge sometimes tends to stress us. This flood of information not only overwhelms us but makes it literally impossible to differentiate between true, false, right or wrong. Moreover, media and platforms capture our attention with the help of algorithms and increasingly created filter bubbles. Broadening our horizons is something altogether different. Why? Is the potential door to global knowledge not supposed to be able to do more?

Crowd-curated knowledge instead of information flood

Yes, find the Sparkable project. Sparkable, which is made possible by the Migros Pioneer Fund, aims to create a decentralised and many-voiced information environment that focuses on the most insightful and significant contents, rather than on the flashiest or most outrageous. Contents are selected and curated in a crowd-based form. This means that after logging in, everyone can add content from the net to the platform. This content is then rated by the crowd depending on its informational content. The quality of information is not only improved but users have straightforward access to less but more meaningful content.

A platform that takes us forward

With its crowd-based information platform, Sparkable aims to provide more safety in the use of media and content, counteract societal polarisation and encourage information that leads to improved mutual understanding.

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Find out more about this Migros community involvement initiative - perhaps it's just what you're looking for?

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