digitalswitzerland challenge

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Digital transformation is bringing new challenges to the world and consequently also to Switzerland and its businesses. The current preconditions here are good: Switzerland is considered the most innovative country in the world and our prosperity makes it possible to provide groundbreaking investment. Our research and education are therefore at the top of global ratings lists. Additionally, distances are short and our four national languages make us world champions in collaboration.

A platform for digital innovations

To make the most of these strengths in Switzerland, the Migros Pioneer Fund has supported the launch of the digitalswitzerland challenge. It is creating a stage for concrete key digitalisation projects in this country, bringing teams with groundbreaking projects to the starting line. These projects are effectively realised thanks to the collective powers of large companies, SMEs, and the spheres of science and politics.

Honing skills through competition

The digitalswitzerland challenge is organised as a competition in which teams motivate each other and submit to a fast pace. The teams pitch their ambitious ideas during the competition by betting on their success. They then attempt to achieve their goal within one year, presenting their results on a demo day. The risk of failing along the way to their demanding objective is considerable, but the idea of sporting competition makes it crystal clear that participating counts more than winning!

digitalswitzerland challenge

digitalswitzerland challenge

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