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Innovation drives social change. But is what is technically possible also morally justifiable and socially correct? A nuanced discourse on innovation is necessary to ensure that change does not end up flying blind.

Ethical and social aspects of innovation

Together with startups, the pioneering project ethix is developing tools to assess the ethical and social aspects of innovation. It is backing them as they position themselves as responsible companies. ethix is also curating participatory processes aimed at interested individuals, who will be included in the discourse through specifically formatted events. 

For key areas such as artificial intelligence

Supported by the Migros Pioneer Fund, ethix develops tools that can be used online and offline to reflect the ethical dimensions of innovation in key areas such as digitalisation or artificial intelligence. The instruments developed within the framework of an interdisciplinary lab with test partners and experts are prepared in an easily accessible form. Start-ups, companies, players in innovation promotion and the interested public all benefit from them.

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