VaLoo: Making value from what ends up in the loo

The photo montage shows a wooden toilet lid opened on a globe.

From a public health perspective, our sewage system is one of the most important achievements of the past couple of centuries. Our future sewage system will be just as important a milestone on the road to a sustainable relationship with our planet. This is because our current system is linear and based on waste disposal. It wastes resources and needs an extensive sewage system, large quantities of water and energy-hungry treatment plants. To ensure sustainable development, we need to implement circular sewage solutions. Many pioneers are already working on this, but they falter as they still encounter multiple legal and social hurdles.

For sustainable sewage disposal

This is where VaLoo comes in. Enabled by the Migros Pioneer Fund, the project intends to promote a paradigm shift in how sewage is dealt with and make its management in Switzerland sustainable for the future. To do this, the team is bringing together players from a variety of sectors to jointly develop the circular nutrient systems of the future. VaLoo provides expertise and drives forward pilot projects with innovative solutions. At the same time, the project is promoting better statutory framework conditions, while making the public aware of the need for resource-oriented sewage management, and its advantages.

Recovering resources

VaLoo is smoothing the way for the circular nutrient economy: for new sanitation services that are not only reliable and clean, but that also use less water and energy and recover resources.



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