Loopings: Working beyond middle age

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We are getting older and older. And staying healthy for longer, too. Demographic change is bringing both challenges and opportunities. This also applies to the job market. The share of employees aged over 45 is growing – and with it, potential for the economy and society that to date has often been overlooked.

The future of work at 45+

Made possible by the Migros Pioneer Fund, the Loopings project is creating a digital platform aimed at employees aged 45 and over. It intends to turn this into a port of call for individuals and companies throughout Switzerland. Here, organisations can find ideas and specific examples relating to implementing future-proof qualifications, opportunities and innovative working models. 


Specific, practical help

Loopings supports those who have hit middle age in taking control of their professional future. With the help of the community, these individuals can learn from one another and develop something new together. A knowledge database provides up-to-date information. A map outlines possibilities for location assessment, further training and self-employment across Switzerland.

The objective is to create a world of work in which everyone can determine and creatively shape their professional futures in the midst of the digital transformation.

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