Swissaid: fish farming in Tanzania

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Securing food and work for small farmers and their families with sustainable fish farming in Tanzania.

In the coastal villages in the project region in Tanzania, traditional fishing and aquaculture represent an important source of income for the locals struggling to make a livelihood. However, the amount produced is low, which is one reason for malnutrition in the region. A lack of knowledge regarding fish farming and the resulting low yields keep fish production levels low. Industrial overfishing, animal poaching in the mangrove forests and illegal deforestation are accelerating the degradation of the ecosystem. 

Project goal:

Securing a livelihood for people in 15 coastal villages with fish farming and the protection of the mangrove forests.

Beneficiaries of the project:

The project gives around 1,000 farming families in 15 different villages a secure source of food and regular income through fish farming and education. A total of 16 acres of mangrove forests are also being reforested so that they can be used sustainably. 

Information on the organisation:

Swissaid is one of the oldest charities in Switzerland and has been working in various regions in nine partner countries and Switzerland for many years. The goal is to help create a just, peaceful and diverse world free of hunger, poverty, violence and war.
Link: www.swissaid.ch


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