Gaia Tech: one man’s waste is another man’s recyclable material


Cosmetic and food products often contain dubious chemicals, and although consumers and legislation are calling for synthetic ingredients to be replaced by natural ones, relatively little is happening in this regard. The reasons for this inertia include costs and a lack of available alternatives.

Valuable raw materials from biomass

Yet the good stuff is so close! In this case, in waste – or more precisely, the by-products from food processing and agricultural production. These hold great potential for alternative ingredients, which the Gaia Tech project aims to harness. The start-up has developed a process that extracts valuable antioxidants from the biomass that is “left over” after pressing olive oil. These extend the shelf life of food and are used in cosmetic products such as anti-ageing creams. With the support of the Migros Pioneer Fund, the technology and its area of application are being further developed, thus laying the foundation for scaling.

Alternatives to dubious ingredients

Gaia Tech’s aim is to create natural and affordable alternatives to questionable ingredients in order to reduce the impact on the environment and on people. The project also aims to make efficient use of resources and contribute to the circular economy.


Gaia Tech

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Photo: Gaia Tech

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