Get Nature Positive: from concrete to biodiversity


We lead the world in building - one square metre of ground is built on every second in Switzerland. This is at the expense of nature and biodiversity, because new buildings mean less space for nature. However, the conservation of biodiversity is vital to human life: the general public and, in particular, investors in construction projects, need to realise that. So what can we do to preserve nature - the basis of our existence?

Establish compensation as a standard

With the support of Migros Pioneer Fund, Get Nature Positive aims to raise awareness of biodiversity, particularly in construction projects, and offer a simple solution to offset the environmental impact of construction. Compensation models are to become standard, such as the creation of new, near-natural areas to offset construction-related intrusions.

To this end, Get Nature Positive is initiating a kind of exchange through which investors and the public sector can network with initiators of renewal projects and broker compensation opportunities within Switzerland. Advisory services will also be offered to pass on knowledge and experience in order to protect our biodiversity effectively.

Highlighting the importance of biodiversity

The aim is to establish a simple instrument to enable companies and authorities to compensate for construction projects and to embed the importance of biodiversity as a resource and basis of existence among the general public.


Get Nature Positive

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