Circunis: Preventing food waste


Food is more than just a way of satisfying our appetites. It is the sustenance we need to survive. But a banana that deviates from the norm, or pumpkin ravioli that is still in stock after the autumn months, stands little chance of ever being sold. The reason? Overproduction on a major scale – currently around 40 percent globally. Bound for the bin. It is currently cheaper to dispose of food surplus or waste than to recycle it. Sound like a gigantic waste of resources? It is.

A trading platform for surplus food

Circunis believes this needs to change and, with the support of the Migros Pioneer Fund, is setting up an online platform where surplus food can be traded. The goods are simply listed on the platform by the producers. Wholesalers, restaurants and food processors can contact suppliers directly or request the goods they need in a targeted manner.

Solving the problem together

The prerequisite for success is the realisation that the problem can only be solved with a whole-ecosystem approach – in other words, together. To lay the groundwork for this, the project acts as a networker and bridge builder. Specifically, it aims to raise awareness of the value of surpluses and collaboration in the industry by providing consulting services and expertise (e.g. on the potential of circular flows).

The aim of Circunis is to contribute to a new, sustainable way of doing business in the Swiss food industry and to establish a cycle for dealing with food surpluses.



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