Farm Scout: Agriculture in the city

Lettuces and herbs packed in crates inside a building with a view out across rooftops.

Project completed 

Sustainable and regional – we need new ways of producing food in order to create intact cycles and minimise transportation. One such technique involves creating new cultivation spaces in the heart of the city: on unused flat roofs, abandoned industrial sites and in backyards.

An app that pinpoints opportunities

With the support of the Migros Pioneer Fund, UrbanFarmers AG has created the «Farm Scout» app that city dwellers can use to find out about the potential of empty rooftop space. The app shows ways of using it sustainably.

From concrete to cropland

One example is the roof of a Migros branch in Basel that is now home to an aquaponics pilot project – a technique that combines fish breeding with cultivating crop plants using hydroculture. Automated pumps take care of the system, and the fish droppings become nutrients for the plants. This outlandish-sounding idea was trialled in real conditions in Basel and delivered practical findings.

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Farm Scout

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