Fluxdock: Reimagining collaboration among creatives

An illustration showing the letter F against a white background, bordered by abstract black lines. Photo: Fluxd

Project completed

Individual companies in the creative industry often work on projects in temporary, interdisciplinary teams. But the administrative processes they have to handle are very involved for individual creative businesses. 

A software solution that improves collaboration

The Fluxdock project, supported by the Migros Pioneer Fund, has redefined the starting point for collaborative partnerships between businesses: as well as featuring co-working methodology, it serves as a digital platform for collaborative innovation. 

One core element of the project is a modular software solution for enterprise resource planning, complete with a project marketplace, project administration and company administration. The aim is to standardise and therefore simplify administrative processes. Well-documented pilot projects have been used to test and verify the system. 

Creative process instead of workflows

The shared platform enables businesses in the creative industry and other sectors to collaborate more effectively in interdisciplinary teams. This allows them to focus on the creative process instead of having to attend to workflows.

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