TransCap Switzerland: Investing in sustainable system change

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To halt climate change and to achieve the targets set by the Paris Climate Agreement, it is not just effective solutions that are required - investment in billions is also needed. Yet, with its traditional approaches, the financial sector is reaching its limits. Changing the system to ensure a sustained, resilient and fair Switzerland requires new investment models.

Target-oriented and effective investment

TransCap Switzerland has developed a new approach to the interface between systems thinking and financial practice – systemic investment. The project brings together stakeholders from the financial sector, public administration, and the world of science. Together, they look at individual technologies, companies and projects by investigating entire systems such as the value-added chains, logistics networks, urban areas, and rural regions. It means that banks, pension funds, public administrations, and individuals can invest more effectively and in a more targeted way in the system change that is needed. 

From prototype to system change

TransCap Switzerland wants to develop the next generation of sustainable investment strategies covering every sector, driving forward the visionary, collaborative system change that society needs.  Enabled by the Migros Pioneer Fund the team is developing the first prototype of systemic investment in Switzerland.

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