NahReisen – close travel in the city’s natural environment

Hawkweed in Tramstrasse

NahReisen, or close travel, means short journeys of discovery: a way of experiencing nature closer to home with the same curiosity and attentiveness you’d display when exploring far-away places. Instead of looking at animals, plants, the natural world and the landscape in isolation, it seeks to unearth a whole array of references to art and culture, history and society, urban development, economics and technology. The «tour guides» are experts who are familiar with the destination through their day-to-day work and whose knowledge and commitment are a key part of why the series of events is such a success.


NahReisen is a series of events by Migros Culture Percentage and Grün Stadt Zürich.


Villa Patumbah park

Villa Patumbah park

Looking into a sequoia

Lookinginto a sequoia

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